WI Trade Mission to South Korea and Japan to Include Gross Automation

24 June, 2019

Gross Automation has been chosen as one of eight Wisconsin companies to accompany Governor Scott Walker on a trade mission to South Korea and Japan in September. Executives will meet one-on-one with potential business partners in Tokyo and Seoul.
Gross Automation has been taking on a higher profile in the international distribution of industrial automation and electrical control components through their customized value added services. “This trip fits well with the increasing importance of our global manufacturing interests. We are excited to participate in an opportunity to meet and collaborate with new partners,” explained Robert Gross, President and CEO.
The goals of these trade missions are to both draw investment to Wisconsin from foreign companies and strengthen trade ties. South Korean Ambassador Ahn Ho-young visited Madison this week for a roundtable event sponsored by The Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. to give executives attending the trade mission an opportunity to introduce their companies and tell Ho-young about how they are doing business in South Korea.
Full article from BizTimes: https://www.biztimes.com/2017/ideas/economic-development/walker-to-lead-trade-mission-to-south-korea-and-japan/