The Number 63

03 February, 2023

Written by Robert J. Gross

Many moons ago, our company, Gross Automation, went on the Traction/EOS system. Now it is not a pure implementation, but rather one that uses tools from many different sources like the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage program and the Working Genius program. This allows us to customize it and make it truly our own.

When beginning the process, we started with our Mission, Vision, and Values, much like many other programs. Each year, we go off-site with our management team and reaffirm those. Our core values are:

  1. Work — Work Hard Together
  2. Win — Seek Win-Wins as A Team
  3. Play — Keep A Positive Sense of Humor
  4. Improve — Strive for Continuous Improvement
  5. Discover — Always Remain Curious and Ask Questions
  6. Nurture — Cultivate A Family Environment

The 6th point states that one of our core values is to cultivate a family environment. We build on this and now have multiple multi-generational families both in our past, current, and as we build into the future.

I now have the pleasure of being named one of Wisconsin’s inaugural Titan 100 in 2023! This is a program by which 100 business leaders from Wisconsin are recognized for both what they have accomplished and for what they are going to accomplish. To whoever nominated me for this honor, thank you.

As part of the Titan process, I was asked about not just cultivating a family environment, but what that means and what keeps me up at night. My answer:


One of our KPIs is not just employees, but lives affected. Yes, we have 27 employees. That, however, does not tell the whole story. What about the husbands and wives of those employees? How about the children who live at home? One has a dependent parent. All these people sit at the table and are affected by our daily actions. Every decision matters.

Look around you, at your company, where you volunteer, and where you live. Look at the “family” that you have there. The really great part is the positive impact you have on others and their families. It is also what will keep you up at night.

Check out a snippet of the Titan 100 video, featuring Bob speaking about the 63 people at the table.