Let’s Go to the Zoo!

27 August, 2021

A Special Thank You to Our Gross Automation Families

Here at Gross Automation, we take our family seriously.  So, on August 14, 2021, our team had some very serious family fun.  We rounded up our extended tribe, the kids, moms, dads, husbands and wives of our GA team, for a little monkey business at the Milwaukee County Zoo. 

The train was chugging, penguins splashing and the tigers were soaking up the sun as we walked the grounds on this beautiful, cloudless summer day.  Popcorn, nachos and our special catered brisket lunch perfumed the air, though not quite hiding the pungent scents of the world’s most beautiful, exotic and ferocious beasts.  Laughter bubbled out of the mouths of our children, attaching their wet hands to those of their amused parents and grandparents, as we all scurried from one exhibit to the next 

Justin Villacorta, graphic designer extraordinaire and recent hire to Gross Automation, loved the experience of visiting the vast menagerie, particularly the big animal enclosures: the elephants, giraffes and bears.  But, of all the experiences, he was most proud to have his parents meet first-hand with his big-hearted Gross Automation family.  Justin said his stepfather had never visited a zoo before that day, making the already remarkable outing all the more memorable.

So, at the end of that stupendous day, that thank you to our team’s incredible family members was well received by all.