Food & Beverage

Food and beverage processing plants require a high sustainability level from their electrical systems, because in an event of a shutdown, the repercussions can be too great to overcome. Not only do these industries focus on efficiency, but they also need to take into account sanitary measures implemented on the floor. Components need to be safe, reduce contamination, and withstand extreme temperature ranges and high-pressure cleaning.

Gross Automation understands this, and is committed to helping you reach your desired levels of efficiency, durability, safety, and cleanliness. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or engineering solutions.

Motors, Drives, & Controls

The food and beverage landscape is broken down into many smaller stations, varying from cooling/refrigeration to mixing, conveying, bottling, picking, packing, and many more. All these are supported by machinery such as motors, pumps, fans, drives, and PLCs. Gross Automation proudly distributes and designs systems using machinery from these three manufacturers: ABB, Baldor, and WEG.

– IEC AC Motors
– NEMA AC Motors
– Motion Controls
– DC Drives
– PLCs

– Variable Speed Motors
– Servo Motors
– Pumps
– Reducers
– DC Drives

– Electric Motors
– Gearboxes
– Frequency Drives
– Pumps
– PLCs

Safety Products

Safety in the workplace cannot be stressed enough. Machinery and equipment require protection from electricity, and also should provide workers a high level of safety and protection from accidents or hazards. These three manufacturers design products that are safe for specific environments and provide protection for workers.

– Buzzers
– Circuit Breakers
– Safety Light Curtains
– Sensors

– Sirens
– PA Systems
– Stack Lights
– Warning Lights

– Emergency Stops
– Safety Control Devices
– Safety Controllers
– Safety Relays
– Sensors & Switches


Electrification is the lifeblood of the Food & Beverage industry, so its electrical components must be protected. Gross Automation distributes varying types of enclosures designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure wash-downs. Thomas & Betts manufactures a range of metallic and non-metallic conduits that repels bacteria while Panduit specializes in network infrastructure and protecting data centers on the industry floor.

– Metallic Enclosures
– Non-Metallic Enclosures
– Racks & Cabinets

– Metallic Enclosures
– Non-Metallic Enclosures
– Climate Controls
– Gaskets

– Coated Conduits
– Flexible Cable Protection
– Liquidtight Fittings

– Network Infrastructure
– Data Centers
– Sloped-Top Enclosures
– Uninterruptible Power Supply