Gross Automation is CESA Approved

What is a CESA?

CESA stands for Cooperative Educational Service Agency. The name is long, but what CESAs do is very simple. Each CESA serves the unique needs of schools and children in a particular region of Wisconsin. CESAs make it possible for schools, regardless of size, to work together to share staff and equipment, save money, and extend educational opportunities to all corners of the state and to all children. CESAs provide these services without mandates, without levying taxes, and with virtually no direct state appropriations.

What this means?

You get the best value! we are ready to work with you, understand your needs, provide you solutions, and ultimately give you a great price.

Getting Started

Contact our CESA expert directly.
Dan Gross,
dan.gross@grossautomation.com, or call directly at +1-262-252-1624