Bob Gross Is Biz Time’s Featured BizTraveler

02 June, 2020

Bob Gross, owner of Gross Automation, was recently the featured BizTraveler in the Milwaukee BizTimes. In an article that appeared on May 25, 2020, Gross recounted some of the highlights of a 2018 trade trip he embarked on with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. that took him to Stuttgart, Germany.

Gross is no stranger to international travel. He has spent time in Dubai, Seoul, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Poland, Sydney, Qatar, Guadalajara, and Sweden, all in pursuit of uncovering new international business opportunities. He chose to highlight his adventure to Stuttgart as he loved the walkability of the city and his encounters with local service club members. Gross is currently the president of the Wauwatosa Kiwanis Club, and while in Stuttgart he met several individuals from the local Kiwanis chapter. The service club members were so enthusiastic about showing off their city, Gross received a personalized tour and learned things he would never have found in a guidebook.

While the article focuses on the highlights of Gross’s tour it also offers the advice that service club members serve as incredible ambassadors of their hometowns. “If I had a call to action to anybody who was going to travel internationally, it would be to contact the local service club,” Gross states. Read the entire article here.